New Category

I am starting this new thing here. It’s very often hard motivation to write something (you can notice that from the amount & frequency of my posts). And this is mainly because writing an article feels obligatory of some minimal length and very often I can’t think of enough material to write about, even if I have some insights about something.

So this is meant to be less stringent – even one sentence is enough. Later it might transcend into full-length article. Or say, one thought might be combined with others and also become a longer piece.

I called this tweeter because it should serve similar purpose and I don’t have a twitter account. I did, but I cancelled it (I might write about this later). Also, it doesn’t mean I will keep these posts under 280 characters(look, even this one is already way beyond that). It just means this category is for underdeveloped thoughts and ideas.

So, here we go.